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Moose Straws: 123 Spookame Street

Having waffled back and forth on whether or not I thought art streaming was a worthwhile endeavor I took the plunge a week ago. I’d set up the channel months back when quarantine in New York was in full effect and I had little else to do. It was easy for me to hop right into it one night when I was feeling particularly inspired.

Streaming while drawing presents some interesting challenges. Being that I usually zone way the fuck out while drawing, to be forced to describe what I’m doing is harder on the brain. I think on one hand it’s a helpful practice to be mindful of what I’m doing, but at the same time it’s stopping me from wanting to make mistakes and try new things. I am enjoying it regardless, and I’ve got some great supportive friends helping me with it.

I had to come up with something to do, or a direction to go in with what I was drawing. Decided I would create a prompt to work from which is where 123 Spookame Street came to life. Simple. Easy. Multi-purpose.

One drawing for each letter with some spooky undertones. I’m also thinking about using it as a hand-typography prompt when I’m done with the illustrated versions.

So far we’ve finished A for Affliction and are onto B for Bespectacled. Check out the finished version of the first and the unfinished version of the second below.

I do plan to cut together a time lapse of the streams into one video, which may call for a related Youtube channel. We shall see. I’m just happy to be creating.

Draw like no one is watching, and all that.

A is for Affliction

B is for Bespectacled

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