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The Business With Stickers

As previously mentioned, for Christmas I had a Silhouette Cameo 4 dumped in my lap by a generous friend as a gift. I had wanted one for ages, but start up costs are generally out of my budget. We make do with what we have, and now we have a Silhouette Cameo 4.

I spent December locked away in a tower when I could, or a basement more accurately, and workshopped away. I designed my first set of stickers, featured here, and asked myself a lot of hard questions I didn’t have answers to.

Troubleshooting Silhouette Studio. Figuring out materials necessary. Limitations of what I had available to me in terms of my printer and my budget. Pricing. Branding. Attacking Instagram with progress pictures and a general sense of panic.

I’ve now come out the other side with one or two of those hard questions answered and at least a foothold on the hill I’ve got to get my ass over to start selling stickers.

Originally I gave myself to the end of January to launch the shop. I’m currently working on a second set of stickers. I’d originally planned to start with two sets of 5 and that’s what I’m sticking to. Whether I hit that goal by the end of January or not remains to be seen.

There are other endeavors I had begun towards the end of 2020 that were put on hold due to the holiday season and my sudden head-first dive into the sticker-art-cave.

Nameably, my streaming on Twitch came to a sudden and sad death I believe on the first week of December. I hope to start that up again this week, with at least one stream a week on my off days.

My work for the wonderful community at Afterlife Boards resumes as we take our lives off pause for the holidays.

As well as side-work and commissions I had delayed.

In summary, 2021 is full of work on top of the job I get a paycheck for. So. Buck up buttercup.

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