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Marketing & Other Things I Hate Thinking About

Whether it’s art or some other content you’re intent on marketing to the drooling masses, there’s a certain level of internal Shark-Tank’ing that must take place. This is what I have learned when trying to get my basket ready for market.

Yes, it’s just stickers. No, me and my marketing team of one have not caved to the demands of mass appeal. Does it matter? Probably. Have I placed more than a miniscule amount of importance on it? No.

I draw weird shit. Weird shit that is publicly accessible and trendy in this day and age. I’m not particularly concerned about a lack of people who want to look at it.

There are artists out there far greater than I who create wholly for themselves and I’d be stupid to consider myself one of them when I’m drawing kawaii skulls with flashy colors while crying in my bathroom about how no one is gonna like it.

My point is, this is now a thing in the back of my head when I am brainstorming new designs. Haven’t even sold one yet, but here I am thinking about the target audience of an anatomical bird heart illustration.

So. Do you draw for likes or do you draw because it makes you giggle or gives you that weird skin crawly sensation when you put the teeth on the outside of the skin and hope the likes follow because you’re passionate? That’s the question at hand and I don’t have an answer yet.

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