Write An Awful Book

In an endless churning process of creative discovery I throw myself at various walls and hope I stick like one of those $0.25 gummy hands you’d bring home from a grocery store along with one singular temporary tattoo from the dispenser next to the gummy hands. But my attention span sticks like one of those gummy hands after you’ve had it open for 30 seconds and it’s collected an impressive amount of fluff and gunk.

Currently I find myself entrenched in figure drawing which inevitably leads itself to wanting to illustrate a story of some kind.

There are things that live rent free in my brain. A title I’ve shamelessly stolen from those wonderful awful Broadway compilations I binge watch on Youtube. These things are usually snippets of world building and half-fleshed characters – both in the sense that these characters are not ‘fully-fleshed out’ as well as being generally horror-centric and possibly having little flesh.

These things are interesting to think about. Events, interactions, conversations that keep my mind entertained while working a dead-end job and tirelessly chugging through 10 hour shifts. I’ve been a not so dedicated part of the modern day society work force for four years now and that’s a lot of interesting things to think about.

The question I pose to you is: Does a lot of interesting half-fleshed things make a story. Do I sit down and write these things out and at the end have a book to be published that will sell millions of copies?

Definitely not. But that’s okay.

Write an awful book. No one cares that it’s awful. Put it on your shelf. Point at it and say, “I did that. I wrote that book.” And when people ask to read it say NO, YOU MAY NOT. Or let them. Maybe they won’t think it’s awful.

Second question. I know, I’m putting a lot on you right now, but this is important.

Who gets hurt by me writing an awful book? Certainly not me. Not you. Not the guy at the bagel store who sells me energy drinks to fuel creative inspiration.

What I’m saying is there’s no downside to writing an awful book. There’s no excuses.

So do it.

Maybe all that shit floating around in your head rent free will end up paying some GODDAMN RENT.

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