If you’d like to request a commission or if you have any inquiries the best way to reach me is through Instagram @mooseleafpapers.

Before reaching out to me about a commission, please read the Terms of Service below:


Request A Commission:

You can contact through Instagram @mooseleafpapers

When reaching out to me with a commission request please include a detailed description of what you’re looking for. Feel free to copy the template below and fill it out to ensure I have as much information as possible.

Contact Template:

Preferred Communication Method:
Type of Commission:
Project Timeline:

Name: [No last name required. Just something for me to call you and address the invoice to.]

Email: [We do not have to communicate through email, but I require an email to send the invoice to.]

Preferred Communication Method: [Email, Instagram, Discord, etc.]

Type of Commission: [Stream Graphics, Character Illustration, Illustrated Graphics, Logo, Typography, etc…]

Details: [What exactly are you asking for? If it’s a character, are you looking for a bust or a full-body art piece? If you’re inquiring about stream graphics – Do you want an overlay, description graphics, or the full stream bundle? Do you want full-color with shading, or just a sketch? Do you want a background? Take a look through the rest of my commissions page and portfolio for examples of what I have to offer.]

References: [Include links to any pictures I can reference, or if it’s an original character or idea please write a detailed description of the subject.]

Project Timeline: [Though I usually work to my own schedule, if there’s a specific timeline you need to meet – such as needing it by Christmas to gift the art to someone else – please include details here. Otherwise leave blank.]


All pricing is subject to change. Prices listed on my commission page are the average for that specific piece, but can vary in either direction depending on the artwork you’re requesting.

There are a lot of factors that I take into account when pricing my art including complexity of the subject, difficulty, finish, requested changes after final sketch is approved, time invested, and my own experience and tool set.

Price will be estimated at the beginning of the project and you will be notified of any changes to the original estimate as work on the commission progresses.

I will only accept payment through Paypal.

I request half payment up front on approval of sketches for illustrated work, or once we’ve reached an agreement on the details of graphic work.

Full payment is required for release of unmarked final files upon completion.

If at any point you wish to cancel the commission you will be refunded based on my progress on the piece. Generally, once I’ve completed the final line work or color you will not be refunded the initial half of the payment. Upon cancellation, if you are not refunded the initial payment you will be given the unfinished files.

If you would like to put the commission on hold for any reason instead of cancelling, I am happy to resume work on the piece at a later date. If it is still the same commission we agreed upon and it is within 4 months from the date the commission was started you will only need to pay the remaining half of the commission.


I will respond to any commission requests sent to me by email or through Instagram in the same way the request was received.

We will establish your preferred method of communication. Once that is done we will go over the details you’ve sent me on the commission.

After accepting a commission, I will respond with sketches for your approval or details on plans for graphic work. If you approve of the preliminary details, I will send an invoice for the estimated price of the work. Once half of the full amount is paid I will start work on the final piece.

As I proceed with the commission, I will stay in contact with any work-in-progress updates or request decisions to be made in order to move forward. If you have any questions or changes you want to make, this is the time to do it. You are always welcome to reach out to me at any point during the process with questions, concerns, or changes you want to make.

Once I’ve nailed down the final design, whether it be line-art with flat color or the general structure of a graphic project, I will have you sign off before proceeding. After agreeing to the final design further changes will be factored into the cost as an additional price depending on the changes that need to be made.

When the piece is finished, I will reach out for your approval and request the final half of payment. You will receive an email from me with the unmarked final art files once I’ve received payment in full.

Once you have received the files and I have received full payment, the commission will be considered complete. From that point you will have 48hrs to request any minor changes. Beyond that point I will request payment for further adjustments.


Be polite.

I will always do my best to give you a polished finished product.

If you have any issues with my work or my service I am always happy to work with you on it.

Commissions I Will Not Accept:

I can and will refuse any commission request I am not comfortable with. I may or may not give my reasoning for denying the request.

I will always refuse the following:
– Anything involving non-consensual explicit content.
– Depictions of abuse — domestic, animal, or otherwise.
– Racist, homophobic, transphobic, or other discriminatory content.
– Political content.